Cakepop Mold - Popsicle

Cakepop Mold - Popsicle

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This Cakepop Popsicle Mold is excellent to use for popsicles, back packs, Forky, tombstone cake pops and so much more. Use Unforgedible Art's  back pack accessory fondant mold to make perfect backpacks.

Popsicle Cakepop Mold holds 1.1 ounces of dough and is 1.75" tall and 1 3/8" across. Open bottom mold for better molding.

3 dimensional, 2 part injection molded from high quality glossy ABS food grade plastic with a stainless steel pin. Extremely strong and durable, with proper care can last for years. 

Hand wash only, do not put in oven or dishwasher.